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CCB-38000 - VALVE, Oil Drain, 1/2 NPT
  • CCB-38000 - VALVE, Oil Drain, 1/2 NPT

CCB-38000 - VALVE, Oil Drain, 1/2 NPT

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CCB-38000, VALVE, Oil Drain, 1 2 NPT

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CCB-38000, VALVE, Oil Drain, 1 2 NPT

Product Details

Fits in applications where there would be an interference from landing gear operations, hoses, and other objects preventing the use of an oil drain valve and operation of draining oil. These components are anodized for corrosion protection. This valve does not include hose and clamps.


CCB-38000 Oil Drain Valve is sold as a set with the CCA-38001 Activation Tool, which is also sold separately.  


Drain Flow Specifications:

  1. 8 Quarts
  2. Oil Temp 140 deg F
  3. Drain Time 5 min 10 sec

Anti-Seize compound required on threads for installation.


Thread Locking Flush Mounted Use Pin Type Cup Open Action Material
1/2 NPT Yes No No Push Aluminum

Thread: "UNF" (Fine thread) type are straight, non-sealing threads that rely on an o-ring to provide a seal. "NPT" (Pipe thread) type are tapered thread that seal as they are tightened. Others are metric threads. Measure the O.D. of the thread on the valve you are replacing and compare to the thread specifications table to determine the correct thread size.
Open Action: "Spiral" valves require a push and turn action to open. "Push" valves require a push action to open.
Hose Adapter Size: A hose may be attached to the valves for ease of draining. The size indicated is the hose I.D.



Curtis Superior Oil Quick Drain Valves

Curtis Superior Valve Co. Inc. has produced, engineered, manufactured, and tested aircraft valves to exacting standards since 1944. They have many standard valves to solve a wide range of problems.


  • Corrosion resistant, stainless steel springs
  • Specially compounded "cure dated" synthetic rubber seals to withstand a wide variety of liquids over a broad temperature range
  • Unique wedge seal design prevents leakage


Fuel and Oil Quick Drain Valve Information 


Maintenance Tips 

Mc Farlane Aviation

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CCB-38000 - VALVE, Oil Drain, 1/2 NPT

CCB-38000, VALVE, Oil Drain, 1 2 NPT

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